The Ultimate Tricks for Taking a Good Picture On Your Camera Phone

In the world of photography, there are basically two different types of people. One is an actual photographer who sticks by his profession of taking pictures of very high quality using an advanced camera. The other is all those minus a professional photographer who takes pictures of medium to high quality using whatever is available.

Previously, it was necessary to own a camera to collect memories and the process was long from buying a film to getting the picture taken correctly with just one click, and then getting the film washed to finally see if the picture taken is perfect or not. Later with the introduction of digital cameras, photography was for all, as the process was a lot easier. However, now with the introduction of smartphones with excellent cameras that even offer up to 41 megapixels of resolution, anyone can take pictures as easily as getting a YSL bag cheap but the art of taking a good picture even on your sophisticated phone needs to be mastered.

Here are some tips to click a good picture using your phone.

  1. Always make sure that the lens of your phone camera is kept clean.
  2. Ensure that the phone is set to the highest resolution and picture quality.
  3. Adjust the white balance and other settings on your phone. Turn off those extra parameters that you think you have no need of while taking your picture.
  4. Expose enough light on the subject to be photographed. It is always best to choose natural lightings if available.
  5. Hold your camera in a steady position before you click the picture. You may also think of using a stable surface to place your phone to click the picture.
  6. Eliminate all hot spots and bright reflections.
  7. Focus on the object to be photographed by zooming-in or zooming-out.
  8. If you want to take a picture of yourself, then avoid doing so at an arm’s length or resorting to taking mirror images.
  9. Be as close to the object as possible for a clearer image.
  10. Ensure that the background is clean and free of clutter to set the focus on the object entirely.
  11. Use flash only when you need it and not because it is available.
  12. If you want to increase the visual appeal of your photo, you may even try using a plain backdrop.

Now, you are all set to take your picture, save it on the phone’s memory, print/share or display it as per your likes.…

Top 5 Xbox One Games You Can Play With Kids

Playtime with kids is the most enjoyable time for the parents and the kids, the laughter filled chuckles and the sheer joy in simple things makes the children happy, and keeps the parent’s guilt-free. As outdoor games are not possible during wet and cold seasons, there are plenty of options today for the children to be occupied in other interesting games. If you are unsure about the Xbox games that are suitable for kids, then your worry is over, all the games are suitable for kids of all ages and are quite engaging.

The games are not violent, or show graphics that are not suitable for older kids; they are super fun and very enjoyable with inspiring names of the games, that the kids are entertained thoroughly,

  • Slime Launcher- cultivating the slime farm from outer space is the unique concept of this game, the choice of food to grow, and level of play can be decided by the player, this simulation based game is enjoyable for the children
  • Skylines- a challenging and rewarding game based your imagination to create a dream city, the best creative efforts for older kids, and gain knowledge about the civil works
  • Monster of the unchartered Sea- this adventurous game to trace the lost family, is filled with puzzles, exploration material and combat that kids love as there are many aspects of the game to proceed, without catching boredom
  • Terraria- supports a split screen play for a family to play along, for exploring the loot with digging, exploring and let your creative ideas to be used in this hybrid gameplay, a Gadget decision you will never regret buying for the family playtime
  • Mine craft- 3 D game is all about teamwork, cooperation and an exciting game to build on animated models, that are enjoyable, and does not cost a bomb.


The Ways Technology Is Transforming Finance

If there is one area that technology has in brilliant ways revolutionized the industry itself then it has to be that of finance!

Who knew that only a decade later, people would be able to log onto their laptops and smart devices to be able to trade and earn money from the comfort of their living room itself?

I am sure that when I started out two years ago trading in binary option, I must have freaked out with all the charts and tables and the signal generation. You see everyone does not take to technology easily. In the beginning, technology fascinates but it has the tendency to threaten also.

Online trading and trading software:

These have revolutionized the way people earn money. Albeit even if the money is small but consistent, it does provide an extra cushion for people who are trying hard to make the two ends meet.

Using binance:

This term which is a cross between business and finance is one revolutionary thing to have happened to generation ‘Z’.  We are looking at the potential of being away from workplaces but still being extremely productive as much as if not more than what we were if we traveled all the way to our cubicles in the offices.

It saves a lot of time and therefore the scope of increase in productivity is real. The idea is that people can still go an extra mile in being able to earn a fortune even without actually displacing themselves from one chair to the sofa in their own rooms!

Does the prospect excite you?

You must read more about it on my blog and get in touch with me in case you think that you can contribute your bit to the revolution or if you would like to take advantage out of it. Here is to a lot of profit and a lot of fun earning it! Cheers!!!

Social Media: The Dark Side of Marketing Content on Facebook

Web-based social networking stages particularly Facebook are lifesavers for some organizations’ prosperity. Facebook is loaded with many such stories, with numerous organizations expanding client commitment and deals by handfuls or even several percents.

Let’s find out about the hidden side of Facebook, where the devices that organizations utilize to attain companions and generate deals that pave the way to shams, hoodlums, and frauds.

Stolen substance

Hoodlums can very effectively utilize Facebook to strip off the plan, thoughts, and substance of honest destinations. Taking a Web picture is as simple as right-clicking. Indeed, even measures to forestall right-click picture downloading aren’t idiot proof; a picture hoodlum should simply take a screen capture to a get the picture from web agency glasgow.

The issue that organizations confront today is certifiably not a discount robbery of their personality, however, burglary of parts of it; sufficiently only to create notoriety issues.


This thread has gotten a considerable measure of consideration as of late.

In a freebooting trick, Facebook clients get YouTube recordings that are not theirs and post it on the Facebook timeline as their personal video to top it off using the content.

In light of the manner in which Facebook takes care of of-of videos, clients have a motivating force to attain a video from YouTube and transfer it specifically to Facebook. As of late, Facebook discharged a device to enable substance proprietors to monitor their content, yet freebooting is as yet a noteworthy issue.

Securing yourself

Numerous guidance pages handle the significance of copyright substance, enrolling logos, watermarking photographs, and other aspects. Most substance hoodlums figure the Internet is sufficiently huge that their casualty won’t have the capacity to figure them.

However, there are certain things an organization can do to secure itself.

The initial step is understanding that substance is probably going to be stolen. Substance on Facebook has to be as thick as could reasonably be expected.

Another strategy is to include assembling elaborate introductions. The mix of components and media make it hard to haul something out for pilfering purposes.…

Top 10 Important Uses Of Excel In Business

Excel is all about numbers, right?

Not really! If you thought that the uses of excel are limited to just financial reports and numbers then you will be surprised to know that there are many other uses of excel too outside the regular spreadsheets.


Excel is used in calculations get it at thevoiphub. It is especially useful when you need to repeat the same calculation over and over again. All that you need to do is to copy and paste the formula and then your tasks just get limited to keying in the numbers. The excel sheet pops up the answer for you.


Excel is used to do accounting, to make a budget and for loan calculation as well. This means that the excel sheet can be used to do many accounting tasks.


Excel helps to plot charts. Be it a pie-chart or a bar chart. The list can go on and on. Excel can take in raw data and helps to create a visually appealing chart for you.

Schedules and calendars

If you want to have a calendar then excel does it for you. It is like your personal assistant here. You can key in your schedules and other details and excel reminds you of the appointment too.

Helps to plan goals

Excel helps you to plan your professional as well as financial goals. Youcancreatelogos and worksheets using the tools and this let you also be focused.

Make a task list

Now throw away the pen and the paper and use excel to make a robust list to track the progress of the things that you need to do.

Charts for project management

You can use excel to make charts for you for project management as well. It helps to make waterfall charts as well as charts that are Kanban styled.

Track time with excel

To be able to track the time can increase your productivity. There are many tools and apps that let you do it but excel is also a great way to manage your logging in and productivity times.


Excel helps to create forms, how much every complicated it may be. The user can select the form as per their choice list.


You can customize your CRM with the help of excel.…