How Electricity Changed the Way People Lived In Cities


One of the important inventions in the life of humankind is the discovery of electricity. Everyone loves to see the open skies full of stars at the night but to think of living without electricity is an unimaginable thought. Our day starts with using the electric automated toothbrushes and ends with putting on the night lamps in our bedrooms. Every day every hour we are using electricity in some form or the other and in so many ways that it can be really difficult to imagine living without electricity.

Though there was no electricity since the beginning of the human race since its discovery, human beings are using electricity in many different ways. If we take a look at where the electricity is used in our everyday life, we can see an unending list of uses, but here are a few major uses of electricity that is changing our way of life in cities.

1) Household usage: Electricity is used for a variety of household appliances. It is used to light up our house in the night, cook the food, heat up water for daily use, heat up our houses in winters and cool it down during the summer. Many home appliances like the refrigerators, Televisions, music systems, laptops, mobiles need electricity to operate. Apart from the basic necessities like cooking electricity can be used for special needs as well. People who are physically challenged to move from one place to other can use motorizedrides like electric wheelchairs. People can use fitness equipment like Treadmills that can work on electricity and help you exercise even at home.

2) Industrial usage: Many big factories and industries need electricity to perform their day to day tasks. These industries have machinery that works on electricity and without which it can be difficult to perform any tasks. Even the small-scale industries need electricity to carry out their functioning.

3) Other uses: There are many other uses of electricity that makes the city life easy for everyone. Many street lights are using solar energy nowadays but there are still parts where the electricity is used to light up the streets during the night. We can also see bus stations, railway stations, and other important places using the electricity.