How to Install WordPress at Your Web Hosting cPanel

Are you looking for some simple steps to install WordPress at your host? Well, here are some instructions to help you in installing WordPress. WordPress is basically a blogging platform and it is also widely used to manage the contents. Hostgator hosting company allows you to install the WordPress in a simple manner and also offers Hostgator promo code for their clients to offer more discounts.

Hostgator also provides you discount coupons too to provide you more benefits. Since it is one of the famous hosting company, it provides all the service in a high-quality manner and also offer various options in their services. This session will help you in installing WordPress with the help of cPanel within a very few minutes.

Steps To Install WordPress In A Quick Manner:

  • Once you have received hosting login from your WebHosting provider, then log in to the cPanel by means of browsing.
  • You have to replace the domain name with your registered domain name in the place where you would like to install WordPress.
  • Type Softaculous in the search box and search for that or else go to the software menu and select the icon named Softaculous Apps Installer.
  • Some icons may vary according to the theme selection of your web host provider.
  • Then select the WordPress which will be available on the left side menu and it will be listed under the ‘Blogs’ option. Or else you can directly search for WordPress in the search menu. You can also create a full website using WordPress.
  • Once you have selected the WordPress icon, then it automatically prompts you to the installation page which contains more number of fields to fill-up.
  • You can now install the WordPress on your own domain and also make sure that you are selecting your domain from the drop-down list available there.
  • If you like to install WordPress in the main domain then you can leave the ‘In Directory’ field in an empty manner.
  • Or else if you like to install WordPress in a specific directory, then mention the directory path in the field of ‘In Directory’.
  • If you like to install WordPress in WP subdomain, then mention that in the field of ‘In Directory’.

Basic Settings During WordPress Installation:

  • Administrator Username: Choose the login username for the website administration.
  • Password: Find a password for the administration area of your website.
  • Admin Nickname: Allow it to appear as an author for all your post that you add in your website.
  • Admin Email: You can give your email id here.
  • Site name: Enter your website title here.
  • Description: Just give a brief description of your site and this will be displayed below your title.
  • Once you have filled all the fields, then you can click on Install WordPress to continue the process of installation.

After completing this, the Softaculous will run the installer with the help of the settings you have provided. Then a progress bar will be shown on the installation status. As it will take some time and don’t close the menu till it reaches 100% or else it will affect your WordPress Installation process. After installation, a basic page of WordPress can be viewed. Yes, your installation is completed now with cPanel. You can continue by updating your website of WordPress with the help of your content of imagination.

Always Check This Before Updating:

  • Whenever you upload the theme or the plugins of WordPress, always check out all the latest updates as well as latest versions.
  • It is also very important to check out the developers of the themes as well as plugins. It is better to choose the themes and plugins based on their reputation and reviews.
  • Before selecting the theme, the compatibility between them is very important so as to install it in a successful manner.

These are the simple steps that allow that are used to install WordPress in a quick manner. Hope that it will be very useful for you to install WordPress easily from the cPanel. Hostgator allows you for easy installation of WordPress. In case if you face any issue while installing it, you can contact the support team of your WebHosting provider to solve the issue. Also, make use of these above-mentioned points while checking for new updates of your themes or plugins.…