Technology has changed almost all aspects of our lives and the business domain is nowhere left behind. In fact, technology has massively changed the way business is done.


Communication with the clients is no more a travel down to meet the client. Traveling used to kill time and lower the business productivity. Today technology has made it possible to talk to clients face to face without leaving the office. Thanks to video conferencing, it is now possible to conduct face to face meetings. In fact, the video conferencing can be done with many members at the same time and thus it is easy to invite people from across the globe to join the meeting at the same time.

Sharing files

Gone are the days when the business had to send couriers and wait for delivery and then a reply to do the business. Sharing important files this way was timeconsuming and there was also a risk of the files getting misplaced. This is no more the case now. Thanks to technology it is possible to share files on an encrypted server via email and the recipient get access to the files within seconds.


The payments have also become very streamlined because of technology. Cash flow is important for any business and that is what keeps the business running. There are various ways to get paid using banking and mobile applications that work online which smoothens out the cash payment process.

Cloud servers

Today save all your important data and files in the cloud server and secure yourself from the data getting lost or misplaced. You can also access this date from anywhere. These are well protected so it will never be accessed by someone who is not authorized to use the data.

Technology has given a completely new form to do business making it more productive and efficient. Also, learn about the last mile delivery startup and how it does business.