Technology plays a vital role in all of our lives. It would be a lie to say technology has not touched and influenced our lives today.

Woodworkers, known for their craftsmanship and individual styles that make them unique in the midst of millions of other such workers also use technology today. It helps them get the work done better and safer.

Here is how technology has helped woodworkers work smarter:

The Smart Phone

This device has changed the lives of almost everyone on Earth. Not only do woodworkers use this to get to their destinations on time using the GPS or get orders over calls and improve business, but also use them as high definition cameras that help them get close up shots of intricate details needed for their job.

They use their phones for woodworking calculators, to view their project plans rather than carry sheets of papers and get them all blown away in the wind. When they want some hardware or meet client’s requirement, they just have to browse on their phone for the nearest store or pictures of different items that can meet the client’s demands. Since they are able to all this with the client itself, they save a lot of time and many new ideas flow in.


Earlier woodworkers were expected to draw or get some good artist to get the designs done flawlessly. This played a major role in the completion of the project as a small mistake can change the entire appearance of the product. Today there are computers and machines to do all the drawings, coloring, etc. the graphics are created on the computer, and once approved by the client, they are just printed on the wood.


The same goes with cutting with precision. There are tools that enable workers to cut the exact same dimensions every single time. This ensures all pieces are the exact same size and there is no issue while adding the finishing touches. You may have gone through a number of bandsaw reviews before buying that saw but this along with some technology is sure to impress your client.