When a consortium and/or partnership is formed among financial institutions and technologists, you can be sure of what’s in the offing – a system that helps promote/optimize trading for better profit margin. The Fintech industry has been of immeasurable value to the trading sector in a vast array of ways  and it is only fitting for us this day to make a foray into the ‘engine room’ to see some Fintech leaders that are presently influencing the world of trading and financial services industry through the formulation of viable strategies. This group of individuals have engaged their faculties and made [and are still making] their impact felt in great measure.

5 Top Fintech Leaders In 2018

Here is our list of 5:

Jim Marous: A voice that cannot be mistaken or neglected in the world of Fintech. Jim Marous is a strategist, financial services analyst and author. He lends his voice to subjects bordering on innovation, channel distribution, digital transformation and so much more. Jim’s profile is huge and so, is his impact in the area of Fintech.

Don Tapscott: Don Tapscott is a guru when it comes to Business and organizational transformation. His impact in Fintech is widespread but his influence as the co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute has placed him in the very core of Fintech.

Tiffany Hayden: Tiffany Hayden for her valuable contribution in Fintech also deserves a space in this list. She is involved in Bitcoin and also co-founded mobile payment processing platform, Casheen Inc.

Mike Quindazz: Mike is a techie genius, and he earns his mark in digital services, Blockchain as well as some other technologically-inspired endeavors. He is indeed an influencer that is worth looking out for.

Sebastian Meunier: Sebastian Meunier gracefully takes on topics that are related to business transformation Innovation in Finance and Blockchain. He has been in the sector [of financial services] for over 15 years now, and is still inspiring startups in a measure only those that have been touched by his wand can explain. He is certainly one to watch out for.

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